Smart Agriculture

Utilising technology as a tool to transform the agriculture sector to improve agriculture production and sustainability, as well as processing capabilities is more important now than ever.

Growback aims to foster innovation by encouraging smart processes to improve yield, efficiency and profitability across the agricultural value chain. Transforming mindsets to achieve this also requires investment into human and technological capacities and collaboration to realise sustainable benefits.

Smart Agritech is the use of technology and technological innovation to improve the efficiency and output of agriculture. Put simply it is the application of technology to improve all elements of the growing process with more efficiently and with greater yields, whether they be in the field, in the garden or in the sea.

The benefits of Smart Agritech


An example of Smart Agritech in action is a soil sensor to measure moisture content and moisture flow.

iot agriculture

We all know that plants need water to grow. But plants get stressed if they have too little water, or too much water. So the trick is to get the watering ‘just right’.

With the right amount of water, local councils, farmers, property developers, and landscape architects can achieve an optimum balance between plant growth and water usage.

Placing a smart sensor in the soil can communicate via the cloud back to the client about soil conditions at any one time, which could be hourly, daily or on demand. The immediate difference is the sensor is sending back live data, saving time and resources and providing a more predictive maintenance model.

iOT solutions
Ancient Red Gum trunk

By placing sensors in the soil, one can identify how water runs through the soil from the top to the root. With these sensors, one can quickly identify how far and how deep the water is percolating through the soil. If the water collects below the surface but above the root, then it means the roots may not be getting the nutrition. Equally, if the water is seeping far deeper than the root, it would indicate that less water is needed. Less water means less money, which is a good thing.

Now, multiple that group of sensors across a park or oval, across a field or farm. And then harness all that data into a dashboard. Now the client has much more insights into where he or she needs to water and with how much.
multiple sensors in park or oval
Growback collaborates with the best partners on sensor manufacturers, IoT network and universal dashboard providers, blockchain and artificial intelligence experts to provide need to end, low cost and agnostic solutions.

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