Knowledge Centre Towards Two Billion Trees

This report has been developed by WWF Australia. More information can be found on their website.

Even before the challenges of COVID-19, Australia was hit hard by bushfires during summer 2019-20 – the most catastrophic bushfire season ever experienced in the country’s history. So much was lost, and the impacts will be felt for years to come.

Up to 19 million hectares were burnt, with 12.6 million hectares primarily forest and bushland. 33 lives were lost and around 3,094 homes destroyed.

As Australia’s leading conservation champion, WWF believe a loss of biodiversity of this magnitude is unacceptable.

That’s why WWF-Australia has launched an ambitious 10-point plan for the next 10 years, Towards Two Billion Trees, designed to:

STOP excessive tree-clearing,

PROTECT our existing trees and forests, and

RESTORE native habitat that has been lost.

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